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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Maybe I Will Just Self-Deport

Literal: Stay silent or far from the powerful.

(Avoid directly challenging someone who is more powerful than you. Keep your distance and go about your own business, rather than inviting trouble).

Yeah. Apparently I am just going to reflect on the Republican party's failures this month. At least I will be making writing more of a priority in my life, though.

So, anyone who has watched the news over the past couple of days knows how brilliantly this proverb slaps in the face of the combined actions of the Republicans, lately. They are fortunate to have a strong base who will absolutely cheer them on for any absolute crazy shit that they do, but I believe (which, sadly, I have before and been completely wrong), that they may be pushing their luck this time. They wanted to go against the President and invite Netanyahu to speak when it was made clear that it was not just overstepping their bounds (duh), but also in opposition with American foreign policy to allow a candidate such an opportunity during the run up to their own election. It was blatantly disrespectful and seen for just what it was: a slap in the face of my President.

Now 47 Republican senators sign and send an open letter to Iran regarding nuclear talks. Are you fucking kidding me? They basically said, "Our President may want to have talks with you over your nuclear program, but we will not stand by any agreement he makes with you." It is so hard to take. Yes, they are doing it because they are racists and their cocks literally shrink at having a black man be in a superior role to them, but where is the place where they draw a line? When do they have the sudden revelation that they are really creating a dangerous situation for America? (Or do they care?)

Fortunately, the Iranian Foreign Minister basically saw the letter for what it was, a childish propaganda ploy. But who knew how it would be received? If Iran were the regime the GOP wants to portray it as being, you might expect them to drop a nuclear weapon tomorrow. These motherfuckers are an international embarrassment. Not only has much of the more mature planet (I am always made aware of our immaturity and decide it is due to our relative youth as a nation) come much farther than we have on race relations so as to avoid attempting to dismiss and override the power of their own leadership, but that leader, at present, is supposed to be the leader of the "free world," for whatever that is worth.

It is too much. I can't take it. And they are in the media with shit like, "We aren't racists. Lincoln freed the slaves. Way more Republicans voted for the civil rights act than the Democrats." And then, of course, I have to hear that shit repeated by the sheep who listen to this and don't know history. They have never asked themselves how that might be true. If they presently identify with a party that is so obviously racist, what could have possibly happened? Might it have been the civil rights movement that turned things around? We will never know. We are too stupid to ask. We just repeat what we are told. The 47 (and now two woefully arrogant and ignorant governors) are so desperate to make a plea to those jackasses who can't even be bothered to have a single curiosity about history and to maintain the votes they have already locked in tight that they are (Jesus Christ I hope) alienating even more people who would have otherwise identified as Republicans.

I do believe that the last month of absolute power struggles found inside and out of the GOP and, disgustingly, inside and out of our country, will be the last straw for many of their constituents. If they continue to define themselves as out of control and having designs only on creating chaos and not on leadership (nothing new to those of us who pay attention, but maybe the rest will figure it out), they may have finally handed the Democrats what they need in order to get some actual shit done. If not, I may actually self-deport. I'm pretty sure that's not even sarcasm.

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